As the seasons change so, too, does the look of your lawn and garden. Summer colors fade, the blooms of perennials and spring annuals are long gone, and soon the leaves will begin to fall. One way to refresh the look of your property is with seasonal color. Think of it as a fresh coat of paint against your lawn or shrubs that typically don’t see much change.

When it comes to using color, location matters! Focus on walkways, lamp posts, entryways, borders, and other “high impact” areas of your property. Homeowners and commercial property owners alike usually want to see their entrances, entryways, and doors shine, and color is the easiest way to create an impressive pop.


Seasonal color programs are designed to help you maintain your property’s beauty year-round instead of having to wait for the spring season’s new growth. Primarily, a seasonal color program involves planting and replacing annuals with a one-season life cycle. Changing these blooms out is both a cost and time-effective way to make a big impact.

Snapdragons, Violas, or Pansies are popular choices for fall seasonal color installations. The official flower of fall and the first flower that comes to most people’s minds when they think “fall” is the Pansy. Pansies thrive in full sun and are available in various rich shades of red, bronze, yellow, purple, orange, pink, and white, as well as in bi-color combinations. Boasting a similarly wide range of hues are Violas or Snapdragons. Violas have many color patterns including single color, single color with penciling (black lines radiating from the flower’s center similar to Pansy markings), and the one most people think of first, a bloom that can be one or several colors with a dark center called a “face.”

Colorful annuals are not the only element used, however. A professional landscape company will look at the big picture and perhaps include impressive perennials that will bloom on a set schedule. They might incorporate evergreen bushes, greenery, or shrubs that boast unique leaf patterns, unusual bark, or stem colors that can add bold touches to the overall color scheme. Utilizing colorful planters is yet another way they can create interest and dimension. The goal of any seasonal color program is to create an immediate impact with maximum visual effect. As a result, you will often see flowers planted in small groupings, or concentrated within the high-impact areas on your property.

Most importantly, seasonal color installations need to take place when the seasons are changing. Here, in the Atlanta area, the best time to add seasonal color is in October and early November.


While it might seem like a simple task to grab some new plants at the local home improvement store and plant them yourself, there are some good reasons to consider hiring landscape professionals to take on the task.

First, experience matters. Professionals take a design approach to determining what plants to use and where they should be placed to make the most impact. Experts in plant material, landscape design companies know what will work best on your property given conditions such as soil quality, light, and drainage. They also know how to prolong plant life with strategic fertilizing, watering, and care. In addition, they take the time to understand the effect that you are trying to create in each area and choose the plants that will best help achieve those goals.

Not to be overlooked, a professional landscape design company will start by evaluating and preparing the soil before any plant material is put in the ground. This ensures that new plants will have a hospitable environment in which to thrive. They will also look at drainage and irrigation as part of the big picture.

A landscape professional’s horticulture knowledge means they will consider color, foliage types, and growing habits when choosing plant material for your property. They also will keep blooming periods in mind to enhance and sustain the overall effect of the color infusion that they are adding and set up a maintenance schedule to keep your property looking its best year-round.

Finally, utilizing the services of a professional landscape company like Buckhead Landscape & Design is time-saving and convenient for you. Your time is valuable and outsourcing the work to the professionals gives you the opportunity to enjoy all the best things about the fall season with your family and friends.

Buckhead Landscape & Design has a long history of serving the greater Buckhead area, providing seasonal color services, landscape design, and maintenance services, as well as hardscape design, irrigation, and outdoor lighting. When it comes to adding high-impact color that makes your property stand out, the professionals at Buckhead are prepared to invest time in understanding your vision, goals, and budget to design and deliver a year-round look that you will love.