If you have a new landscape or hardscape project in mind for 2023, the time to get started is now. Though it might seem a little premature, you should remember that a well-thought-out plan is the first step to a successful landscape project. Don’t wait until just weeks before you want to start moving dirt! It’s wise to use the winter months to tackle the planning portion of the project.

When a customer approaches us about a new project, we’ll begin with an initial consultation. We’ll not only inspect your space and take measurements, but we’ll also spend time understanding your vision and determining your needs. We’ll talk about your goals, your budget, and your desired timeline. We’ll ask you to share design trends or ideas (think Pinterest or Instagram) that inspire you. We’ll ask questions to understand how the space will be used and the kind of traffic you anticipate. Are there kids or pets? Will there be frequent visitors, or will this spot provide an escape where you can enjoy peace and solitude? These are just some of the important questions that we’ll ask to foster a complete understanding of your expectations to design a space that truly fits your lifestyle.

Depending on your project, the design phase can include functional diagrams, conceptual design plans, and ultimately a final design plan. This is a collaborative process that involves feedback and revisions. All totaled, the entire design process can take up to six weeks to complete.

In addition to allowing sufficient time for design, talking to us about your landscape project now means that we may also be able to get started by putting some of the “bones” of the design in place, especially when it comes to hardscape projects. People are often surprised to learn that hardscape projects can be installed during the winter months. Gravel, concrete, decks, patios, and fences are meant to endure the outdoor elements year-round, so there’s often no barrier to winter installation.

A phased installation approach on large projects can also be helpful to customers who want to spread the cost of a project out over the course of a year. Phases can be planned and timed to best meet the property owner’s needs.

Beginning work in the winter the months can also mean less destruction to your landscape. Installing a new landscape or hardscape project inevitably means there may be residual damage to the living elements of your landscape such as grass, trees, or existing plant material. Doing the work while plant material is dormant can significantly lessen the stress it has to endure.


Most importantly, engaging with us about spring or summer projects now allows breathing room for everyone. We’re able to take the appropriate amount of time to create a thorough and detailed master plan that meets your unique needs and, in turn, you won’t feel rushed to make choices under the pressure of getting the work started right away to meet a tight deadline.

Additionally, during the quieter winter months, you may see that there are more choices in materials that would otherwise be in high demand and perhaps unavailable during the busy spring and summer seasons. Or, more importantly, if there’s a stone or paver or type of wood that you’ve fallen in love with, you might have the luxury of time to wait if there is an extended delivery timeline.

The end of the year is fast-approaching, and we’d love to get your 2023 landscape projects underway. After all, summer dreams are made in the quiet days of winter. Together we can get to work on creating a plan to bring those dreams to life!

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